Reconnect Health Centre is now based in Brookvale on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.
Our areas of Special Interest are:

  • Sports injuries
  • Digestive disorders
  • Stress management & insomnia
  • Lymphatic disorders
  • Menopausal support

My approach is to integrate my many modalities to create a truly individual program that utilises healing foods and Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homoeopathy, Bach Flowers and body work.

A Bowen session consists of a series of gentle moves on the skin or through clothing, and allows the body to reset and heal itself. These moves are light, gentle and very precise, and often result in a deep sense of overall relaxation and well-being. Most clients find only a few sessions are adequate for long standing complaints such as physical aches, strains, injuries and the likes.

This is an ancient healing art which focuses on our feet as the gateway to the body. They can be channels to the healing of a wide variety of problems. Science has confirmed that there are existing connections between different body zones – essentially through working on pressure points on the feet, the whole body balance can be restored.

I can truly say Nikki has been irreplaceable for both my sporting life and also for helping me overcome my anxiety attacks – I swear by the work she does. I always leave her feeling fantastic… she is magic.
C. Zemanek, Oxford Falls.


For months I had terrible trouble with a frozen shoulder, then I was recommended to visit Nikki and I have never looked back.
R. Player, Terrey Hills.


Nothing worked to help me with my migraines, Nikki did a lot of research and I am thrilled to say I haven’t suffered from one since I saw her – more than three years ago!
J. Carter, Beacon Hill.


I have known Nikki Leventis on a personal and practitioner level for 15 years, and no matter what ailment I have 95% of the time Nikki fixes it without any medication whatsoever. She is the most remarkable healer I could ever hope to meet. Nikki has the uncanny knack of getting to the core of the problem every time.
Sean Lang, Mosman.