Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

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Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of Lymph fluids around the body.


This fluid removes wastes and toxins from the body tissues. Some health conditions can cause limb fluid to build up. Lymphatic drainage therapy can benefit people with lymphoedema fibromyalgia and is specific to assisting all detoxification processes in the body.


I was fascinated with the lymphatic system when first embarking on body work, as it seems that body massage was contraindicated to the lymphatic system function.


To qualify at the London School of naturopathy we were required to write a thesis, my chosen subject was to examine the difference forms of body massage and lymphatic drainage massage to understand the benefits to the lymphatic system. I was astounded to find that’s a lot of massage therapies cause stress to our lymphatic system.


At this point I created my own lymphatic drainage combination massage treatment technique taking into consideration the osteopathic technique I was I was trained in at the London School of naturopathy and the Vodder technique blended with integrated remedial massage.


The treatment is gentle but effective and require six treatments for Advanced lymphoedema.


One of sessions are available for milder conditions


Consultations $155 (75 min)