Sekhem Energy Healing

Reiki Treatment


Sekhem is the modern-day version of the ancient systems of wisdom and spiritual healing that were taught in the temples of early Egyptian civilization.

I was guided to learn Sekhem in 1999. I resonate deeply with ancient Egyptian healing systems, so this deeply spiritual treatment is a true fit for me.

The ancient Egyptian meaning of Sekhem relates to the state of consciousness equivalent to cell knowingness of the first three days of the afterlife, which the Tibetans call the Bardo, and the Ancient Egyptians called the Sekhem.  

Sekhem gently releases blocks and wounds sustained in the past, so we can move forward into a healthier and more joyful life. Throughout the treatment the client is lying down, fully dressed, and without shoes. Hands are gently placed on the body for approximately an hour, during which time the body will absorb as much Sekhem energy as it requires to regain balance.

Initial consultation Fee: $150.00 (75 mins)