Integrated Naturopath Medicine



Naturopathy is an alternative medicine practice that aims to restore the bodies vitality and energy sources through natural means.

My studies in Naturopathy spanned over 12 years. I began at the London School of Naturopathy and then undertook further study at the Nature Care College (Sydney) where I qualified in Advanced Naturopathy. I have been a Practising Naturopath since 1996.

I take a consultative process to treatment that assists my clients in recognising the effectiveness that positive diet and lifestyle choices have in improving and maintaining wellness.  I focus on offering holistic treatments and therapies, and often recommend herbal remedies or nutritional supplements. I take great pride in the creation of my own herbal tonics which are finely tailored to each individual’s specific needs.

I aim to assist my clients by first demystifying, then regaining power over, the bombardment of information that can seriously overwhelm us and create its own anxiety and fear-based syndromes.


Initial Consultation Fee: $165.00

Follow-up Consultation Fee: $110.00