Meet Niki


About Me

Niki Leventis N.D Integrated Naturopath

Naturopath, Bowen Therapy, Intuitive Remedial Massage, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Sekhem Energy Healing, Kinergetics Kinesiology, Educator.

I was born in London and raised in Jersey Channel Islands. I returned to study Naturopathy in London, and in 2000 left my traditional roots and created my own family and community here in Australia. With this transition I have embraced new values, new attitudes, and new thinking.

I am moved by people succeeding in their choices and soaring to new potentials.  

I specialise in conditions linked to the nervous system and limbic system such as anxiety and other stress related disorders. I have worked with athletes on their nutrition and bodywork for 30 years, and I have a passion for the integration of structural injuries and holism, and mind-body medicine. Healing for women, their children and their families has also been a large part of my focus over the years.  

I have run my own Clinics and worked in Yoga Studios for the most part of my working life. My experience has allowed me the fortune of working with many different conditions and the blessing of seeing wonderful results through natural healthcare methods.  

I call on several healing modalities to enlist whatever technique, remedy, or healing is required.  

My interpretive and communication skills married with a finely tuned sense of intuition allows me to access deep healing outcomes for clients.  

Healing involves among other things, unravelling the mysteries and challenges we are facing on all dimensions of our being, be they physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or energetic, and resetting our internal compass to trust the process, actions, and outcomes. Healing is my developed gift and the service I offer to you whilst you’re on your healing path.