Do you fancy a massage? Does your partner/friend/husband or wife want a massage but you don’t want to do it? Well! Send them down to see us on Saturday and they can have one for FREE!! 

Yes! We are there all day treating people for FREE and with NO strings attached! 

All you need to do is book us in – check out our website to choose your treatment www.reconnecthealthcentre.com.au We have loads of fun ones for you to try – and you can have as many as you like. 

Click here for the Open Day 2012 brochure.


Simply call us to make your appointment and that’s it. 

We guarantee you will feel great after seeing us – and your family will like you too (even more if you book them in for a FREE treatment as well!). 


What have you got to lose? 


We look forward to seeing you! 



Nikki Leventis

0403 124 163


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