Nikki has been working in the area of health awareness for over 25 years. Before starting up her own clinic in 1990, in her own town of Jersey,

in the UK. She studied in London, qualifying as a massage therapist, reflexologist.

In 1995, she qualified as a nutritionist, then completed her Naturopathy Diploma in the London School of Naturopathy. Which enhanced her knowledge in dietary, nutritional supplements, herbs and homeopathy to restore health and well-being to her clients.

In 2001, she found her knowledge of herbs in the Naturopathy course in the UK wasn’t covered enough, so she ended up completing an Australian Naturopathy Diploma, broadening her knowledge of the use of single herbs.

By 2001, Nikki had emigrated to Australia and established herself in various clinics around Sydney. She uses Naturopathy in combination with Bowen Therapy as her hands-on modality. She loves to be able to assist people in understanding how to re-empower themselves in mind, body and spirit.

Nikki, works with sports injuries, female reproductive problems and infertility, children’s health and well-being, digestive disorders, stress management, insominia, migraines, lymphatics disorders and emotional balance. Also specialises in natural detox and weight loss.